Govino – Champagne Flutes

$29.95/pack of 4

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Product Description

all things sparkling…
Designed to swirl…

If you’re someone who appreciates the nuances and finer aspects of Champagnes, the shape of the glass is really important. The Govino Champagne Flutes are “great for presentation and showcase the ‘bubbles’ beautifully”. The shape that is a combination of a white-wine glass and a Champagne glass — one with a bulbous bottom and a narrower top. You want something with a wineglass on the bottom, to capture the aromas, then tapers up a bit so you focus those aromas on the nose. The Govino Champagne Flute, really is a reason to ‘drink more bubbles’.
Made for bubble’s…

Bubbles aren’t just for celebrations. Govino’s new dishwasher safe Champagne Flute is made from a lightweight, ultra-thin, flexible, BPA-free polymer, which properly showcases all types of sparkling wines. It is shatterproof, reusable, recyclable and proudly made in the USA.